Politics, Media and Culture

at Magdalen College

Our Politics, Media and Culture Programme will again be running at Magdalen College in 2019.

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Programme Overview

Politics, Media and Culture at Magdalen College offers an integrated study of politics, international relations, macro economics, media, literature, art and wider British culture. There will be a range of classes – lectures, seminars, advanced English tuition, and smaller workshops. In these, we will investigate, discuss and debate aspects of global politics and British media and culture. We welcome students from all academic disciplines, and students are able to select a study stream allowing them to specialise in the areas of the programme that best fit their interests.

In processing the course material, our students learn a wide range of skills applicable beyond the study of Politics, Media and Culture. Through written and presentation work, students learn how to structure an argument. Active debate is encouraged, exposing students to differing viewpoints and helping them effectively develop and communicate their own.

Like an Oxford course, the Politics, Media and Culture programme is unapologetically hard work. However, it is also incredibly stimulating, rewarding and fun!

Please find further details about the different study streams below.

The Streams

Politics and Media

The relationship between western politics and the media has never been more relevant. Students of the Politics and Media stream are introduced to this complex relationship, allowing them to better understand today’s political landscape.  

Our students explore politics from a global perspective, from Britain and ‘Brexit’ to the contemporary politics of the United States, East Asia and the Middle East. They also deepen their knowledge of International Relations and Political Theory. Media classes not only study the changing landscape of media in the modern world, but also allow students to work with experienced journalists in practical writing sessions, creating their own reports and live footage.

English Literature 

On this stream, students discover a wide range of literary periods and genres. We have seminars on Romanticism, Renaissance poetry and the sonnet form, early Science Fiction, Shakespeare, Postcolonial literature and contemporary poetry – both analysis and composition. You will learn about, and explore, the beauty of writing in English.

Students on this stream also attend some politics classes. Literature is often concerned with the political, and we believe that an appreciation of this relationship deepens students’ understanding of each field.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

PPE is one of Oxford’s most famous and prestigious degree programmes, counting hundreds of influential politicians, journalists and civil servants amongst its alumni. Our stream is delivered by world-class academics in the field, and, drawing on direct experience of the Oxford course, offers students the best possible exposure in a short period of study.

Our students are first introduced to the respective subjects individually. However, it is the intersection between the disciplines that really defines the course. Our students explore this relationship, debating a broad church of topics such as how concepts of law and politics can be justified from a philosophical standpoint, and how macroeconomics can be leveraged as a tool to achieve political goals.


Shakespeare: arguably the most celebrated writer who ever lived! This stream offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in Shakespeare for two weeks. We will study a selection of his plays, his poetry, and the contexts in which they were written. The plays will be considered from both a literary and a performance context; we will also bring some of his words to life, with practical drama sessions. The course is taught by leading experts in this field, all of whom have devoted their professional lives to the study of this incredible author. If you, too, love Shakespeare, or want to discover him, this is the stream for you!


applications are now open


Applications are now open for our Politics, Media and Culture Programme, which will run from 24 August – 7 September 2019.

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